Live Painting

Celebrating a festive occasion with friends and family, even business associates, can be enriched even more by watching a talented, local artist create masterful art as guests arrive, as well as provide entertainment.

Local artist Brian Mede has decades’ worth experience with oil, acrylic, and mixed media. Brian listens to the host’s feedback in terms of painting inspiration, and throughout the course of the dinner continues to add detail as well as create a fun environment for all of your guests. Brian either presents the painting after the entree course, or if the host desires a true masterpiece, Brian reveals the painting’s current progress made, and later returns the painting after much more masterful attention to detail, days later, delivering a truly incredible work of art. Such a piece of artwork, with prints available also, will create a memory from the evening that will last forever, or just as special, can be a cherished gift to someone extremely close.

Service starts at $750

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