Cooking Lessons

LL Chef Services loves to share secrets learned throughout 20 years restaurant industry experience through cooking lessons. The cooking lesson’s focus revolves around three key tenants: Flavor, Health, and Technique.

The Chef’s starting point for creating any dish begins by focusing on flavor. How can this dish being created be flavorful? Delicious food starts with great ingredients, but one must ask what are the other “Elements of Taste” that comprise a well balanced, flavorful dish?

LL Chef Services seeks to produce food that is not just delicious but also nutritious. The second tenant behind interactive cooking classes is to share some of the wealth of cutting edge scientific research in the world of food science in order to harness the full medicinal benefits from one’s food, learning not just how to select, and prepare the most vital, health impacting, cancer fighting ingredients, but also how to store them.

The final tenant addressed in interactive cooking lessons is technique. That is, how can one’s dish move from the place of “Simple to Spectacular?” The technique tenant finishes the cooking lesson learning how to create a dish that entices one to eat with one’s eyes, by focusing on beauty and texture.

$65 supplement/per person (for dinner parties) or $125/per person without dinner party service.

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